Letter From Eagle

It was always difficult to climb the mountains at home, because of the scar that once existed in my heart; it was very hard to breathe whenever I did something tiring.

Last year everything changed when I received a miracle, my scar simply disappeared. Now it is one of the happiest moments of my life when I climb that last mountain to the main road, because I can pant, I can breathe, I feel tired just like everyone else, now the SCAR is gone.

It is something that gives me so much hope. The doctors said it can’t disappear, but with something as simple as faith it vanished into thin air, anything can change.

I move forward with the hope that the lives of girls in Tanzania can be transformed, girls can receive so much strength from the love, support and hope from parents. All these give rise to friendship and open doors of forming a great relationship, protecting our children so that they can achieve what we hope for, and what they dream of. For their future is our duty.

Even though girls’ pregnancy seems like a problem impossible to erase, the power is in our hands, and the truth is the only solution. It is not easy but if a parent has that close relationship, it is never too late, you can start now. Girls can only hear the truth on topics such as relationships and sex from the people willing to tell them the truth. They’ve heard so many lies and blindly engage in sexual activities, become pregnant and dropout out of school, it is time for parents to open up and communicate with their children.

You will be amazed by the results that the truth will bring, and we help you deliver just that.

If a scar could disappear from a heart of one girl, so can it from the hearts of all girls in Tanzania.

In the future we will have mothers who are doctors, engineers, teachers, accountants... Not those who dropped out of school because they got pregnant.

Join the fight because everything is possible.